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Model CD Model CD
AR8000(sm,um) RISO-2 RA Series(smR,pc) RISO-1
AR8100(sm,um) RISO-2 RA2900(sm,pc) RISO-2
CD100(pc,um) RISO-2 RA4200(sm,pc) RISO-2
CD300(pc,um) RISO-2 RA4900(sm,pc) RISO-2
CI300(sm,um) RISO-2 RA5900(sm,pc) RISO-2
CR Series(sm,pc) RISO-2 RC Series(pc) RISO-1
CR Series(smR,pc) RISO-1 RC4000(sm) RISO-2
CR1600(sm,pc) RISO-2 RC4500(sm) RISO-2
CR1610(sm,pc) RISO-2 RC5600(sm) RISO-2
CR1620(sm,pc) RISO-2 RC5800(sm) RISO-2
CR1630(sm,pc) RISO-2 RC6300(sm) RISO-2
FR Series(sm,pc) RISO-2 RG2700(sm) RISO-2
FR Series(smR,pc) RISO-1 RG3500(sm) RISO-2
FR2950(sm,pc) RISO-2 RJ1100(sm,um) RISO-2
FR3910(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN Series(sm,pc) RISO-2
FR3950(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN Series(smR,pc,umR) RISO-1
FR3950a(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2000(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR Series(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2030(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR Series(smR,pc) RISO-1 RN2050(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR1700(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2080(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR1710(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2100(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR1750(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2130(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR2700(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2150(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR2710(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2180(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR2750(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2235(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR3750(sm,pc) RISO-2 RN2530(sm,pc) RISO-2
GR3770(sm,pc) RISO-2 RP Series(sm,umR) RISO-1
GR3770(smR,pc) RISO-1 SC3000(sm,pc,um) RISO-2
KIP 1880(sm,pc) RISO-1 SC3500(sm) RISO-2
KIP 2050/K-75(sm,pc) RISO-1 SC5500(sm) RISO-2
KIP 2080/K-75(sm,pc) RISO-1 SC7000(sm,um) RISO-2
KIP 2120/K-75(sm,pc) RISO-1 SC7500(sm) RISO-2
KIP 2160/K-75(sm,pc) RISO-1 SC7700(sm,um) RISO-2
KIP 2710(sm,pc) RISO-1 TC5100(sm,pc) RISO-2
KIP 2720E/K-57(sm,um) RISO-1 TR Series(sm,pc) RISO-2
NC-001(sm,um) RISO-2 TR Series(smR) RISO-1
NC-002(sm,um) RISO-2 TR1510(sm,pc) RISO-2
PS8050(sm,um) RISO-2 TR1530(sm,pc) RISO-2
RA Series(sm,pc) RISO-2    

sm service manual in English, smR service manual in Russian, smD service manual in Deutch, sh service handbook in English, tr training manual, rm reference manual, pc part catalogue / parts list in English, cd / sd circuit diagram / schematic diagram, sb service bulletin, drv driver, fw firmware, um user manual English, umR user manual in Russian, ug user / owner guide, inst installation procedure in English.