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Model CD Model CD
1-bin Shift Sort Tray Type 2600 RICOH-13 FT4220 RICOH-2
2013Z(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4220 RICOH-3
2627(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4220 A110 RICOH-4
2627TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 RICOH-3
2635(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 RICOH-2
2635TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 A111 RICOH-4
2715X(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4227 RICOH-1
2718(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4410(sm,tr) RICOH-10
2732(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4415 RICOH-1
2732TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4418 RICOH-1
2740TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4421 RICOH-1
2822(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4422 RICOH-2
2822TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4422 RICOH-3
2913Z(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4427 RICOH-1
2nd Roll Tray Type A RICOH-12 FT4430 RICOH-1
8,5 x 14 Paper Size Tray Type 700 RICOH-13 FT4430(tr) RICOH-10
8,5 x 14 Paper Size Tray Types 700 and 1055 RICOH-13 FT4460 RICOH-1
8.5"x14" Paper Size Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 FT4480 RICOH-1
9027(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4480(tr) RICOH-10
9027DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4490 RICOH-1
9032(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4495(sm,pc,sb) RICOH-18
9032D(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4522 RICOH-3
9035(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4522 A162 RICOH-4
9035DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4527 RICOH-3
9115(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4527 A160 RICOH-4
9122(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4615(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17
9122DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4618(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17
9220(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4621(sm,pc) RICOH-17
9220DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4622 RICOH-3
9400D(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4727 RICOH-1
A3/11x17 Tray Unit Type 1075 RICOH-13 FT4822 RICOH-3
A3/DLT Tray Type 2105 RICOH-12 FT5000(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
A3/DLT Tray Type 850 RICOH-12 FT5010(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
AD410 Duplex Unit RICOH-13 FT5034 RICOH-1
AD450 Duplex Unit RICOH-13 FT5035 RICOH-3
AD460 Duplex Unit(sm,pc) RICOH-19 FT5035 A153 RICOH-4
Aficio 1013(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5035 Series RICOH-2
Aficio 1013F(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5050(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
Aficio 1015 RICOH-8 FT5070(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
Aficio 1015(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5135 RICOH-3
Aficio 1018 RICOH-8 FT5135 A155 RICOH-4
Aficio 1018(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5233 RICOH-1
Aficio 1018D RICOH-8 FT5433 RICOH-1
Aficio 1018D(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5520(sm) RICOH-10
Aficio 1022(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5535 RICOH-3
Aficio 1027(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5535 A156 RICOH-4
Aficio 1032(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5540 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035 RICOH-8 FT5550 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035G RICOH-8 FT5560 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035P RICOH-8 FT5570 RICOH-1
Aficio 1045 RICOH-8 FT5580 RICOH-1
Aficio 1045G RICOH-8 FT5590 RICOH-1
Aficio 1045P RICOH-8 FT5627(sm,pc) RICOH-17
Aficio 1050 RICOH-8 FT5632 RICOH-3
Aficio 1050(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT5640 RICOH-3
Aficio 1055(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5640 Series RICOH-2
Aficio 1060(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5733 RICOH-1
Aficio 1075(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5827(sm,pc) RICOH-17
Aficio 1085(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT5832 RICOH-3
Aficio 1105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT5840 RICOH-3
Aficio 1113(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT6350(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 120(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT6620 RICOH-1
Aficio 1224C(sm,pc,um,drv,fw) RICOH-11 FT6645 RICOH-1
Aficio 1232C(sm,pc,um,drv,fw) RICOH-11 FT6645 RICOH-3
Aficio 150 RICOH-7 FT6645 A095 RICOH-4
Aficio 180 RICOH-7 FT6655 RICOH-1
Aficio 200 RICOH-7 FT6655 RICOH-3
Aficio 2015(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6655 A096 RICOH-4
Aficio 2018(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6665 RICOH-1
Aficio 2018D(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6665 RICOH-3
Aficio 2022(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT6665 A097 RICOH-4
Aficio 2027(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT6750 RICOH-1
Aficio 2032(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7060 RICOH-1
Aficio 2035(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 RICOH-2
Aficio 2035e(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 RICOH-3
Aficio 2035eG(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7650 A175 RICOH-4
Aficio 2035G(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7650 A176 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 A177 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045e(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 A191 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045eG(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7650 A192 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045G(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7660 RICOH-2
Aficio 2090(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT7660 RICOH-3
Aficio 2105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT7670 RICOH-2
Aficio 220 RICOH-8 FT7670 RICOH-3
Aficio 2232C(sm,pc,um) RICOH-16 FT7770 RICOH-1
Aficio 2238C(sm,pc,um) RICOH-16 FT7950 RICOH-3
Aficio 240W(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 FT7950(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 250 RICOH-7 FT7960 RICOH-3
Aficio 270 RICOH-8 FT7960(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 340 RICOH-8 FT7970 RICOH-3
Aficio 345 RICOH-8 FT7970(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 350 RICOH-8 FT8680 RICOH-2
Aficio 350e RICOH-8 FT8780 RICOH-1
Aficio 355 RICOH-8 FT8880 RICOH-1
Aficio 355e RICOH-8 FT8980 RICOH-2
Aficio 400 RICOH-7 FT8982 RICOH-2
Aficio 401 RICOH-7 FT9101 RICOH-1
Aficio 420 RICOH-7 FT9101(sm,pc) RICOH-18
Aficio 430 RICOH-7 FT9105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 450 RICOH-7 FW7030D RICOH-7
Aficio 450 RICOH-8 FW740 RICOH-3
Aficio 450e RICOH-8 FW740 A163 RICOH-4
Aficio 455 RICOH-8 FW750 RICOH-3
Aficio 455e RICOH-8 FW760 RICOH-3
Aficio 470W(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FW770(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 500 RICOH-7 FW780(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 550 RICOH-7 FW810 A023 RICOH-4
Aficio 550(sm,pc,sb) RICOH-13 FW870 RICOH-3
Aficio 551 RICOH-7 FW870 A174 RICOH-4
Aficio 551(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FX10 RICOH-9
Aficio 650 RICOH-7 G3 Interface Kit Type 500 RICOH-12
Aficio 650(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 G3 Interface Unit Type 2238(pc) RICOH-16
Aficio 700 RICOH-7 G3 Interface Unit Type 410 RICOH-13
Aficio 700(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 Hard Disk Drive Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
Aficio 850 RICOH-8 Interface Board Type 470 RICOH-12
Aficio 850(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Interface Board Type 850 RICOH-12
Aficio AP2600 RICOH-8 Interface PCB Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
Aficio AP2600(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS330DC RICOH-6
Aficio AP2600N RICOH-8 IS450D(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2600N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450DE(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2610(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450DE/V(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2610N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450S(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2700 RICOH-8 IS450SE(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP3200 RICOH-8 ISDN G3 Interface Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Aficio AP3850C(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-16 ISDN G4 Interface Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Aficio AP400(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 ISDN Interface Unit Type 190 RICOH-12
Aficio AP400N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 ISDN Interface Unit Type 500 RICOH-12
Aficio AP4500 RICOH-8 Jogger Unit Type 1075 RICOH-12
Aficio AP4510(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 Jogger Unit Type 1075 RICOH-13
Aficio AP600N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 JP1010 RICOH-5
Aficio AP828(sm,pc) RICOH-16 JP1030 RICOH-5
Aficio CL1000N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 JP1045 RICOH-5
Aficio CL7000(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-16 JP1050 RICOH-5
Aficio CL7100(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 JP1215(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio FAX5000L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 JP1235(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio FX12(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 JP1250(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio IS01 RICOH-7 JP1255(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP1400 RICOH-7 JP1260P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP1600 RICOH-7 JP2800(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2000 RICOH-7 JP2810P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP204 RICOH-6 JP3000(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP206 RICOH-6 JP3800(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2100 RICOH-7 JP3810P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2600 RICOH-8 JP4500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP2600N RICOH-8 JP4510P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP305 RICOH-6 JP5000 RICOH-5
AP306 RICOH-6 JP5500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP3800C RICOH-6 JP730(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP505 RICOH-6 JP750(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
Bizworks 106 RICOH-7 JP780C(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406 RICOH-7 JP8000 RICOH-5
Bizworks 406df RICOH-7 JP8500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406e RICOH-7 JP8510P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406edf RICOH-7 Laser AP2600(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Bizworks 706 RICOH-7 Laser AP2600N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 1200(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 Laser AP2610(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 1200R(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 Laser AP2610N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 800(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 M100 RICOH-1
Business Pro 800R(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 M50 RICOH-1
Bypass Feed Unit Type 510 RICOH-12 M60 RICOH-2
Bypass Feeder Type 180 RICOH-12 M60 RICOH-3
CF90 Cover Feeder RICOH-12 Mail Bin Type 3800C(sm,pc) RICOH-16
CF90 Cover Feeder RICOH-13 Multi Bypass Tray Type 2105 RICOH-12
Color Laser AP306(um) RICOH-18 MV106 RICOH-9
Color Laser AP306D(um) RICOH-18 MV310 RICOH-9
Color NIC Fax Unit Type 410 RICOH-13 MV310E RICOH-9
Color NIC Fax Unit Type 410 NA RICOH-13 MV715 RICOH-9
Color Unit Type 410 EU/ASIA RICOH-13 MV74 RICOH-9
Copier Feature Expander Type 7000(sm,pc) RICOH-16 NC5006 A109 RICOH-4
Copy Connector Kit Type 700 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 1018 RICOH-13
Copy Connector Kit Type A RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 2000 RICOH-12
Copy Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450 RICOH-12
Copy Tray Type 700 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450 RICOH-13
Cover Interposer Tray Type 1075 RICOH-12 Network Interface Board Type 450-E RICOH-12
Cover Interposer Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450-E RICOH-13
CPIF-26 Controller(sm) RICOH-15 NIC Fax Kit Type 210 RICOH-12
CS360 (Mailbox) & Mailbox Bridge Unit RICOH-13 NIC Fax Kit Type 500 RICOH-12
CS380 Mailbox RICOH-13 NIC Fax Kit Type 510 RICOH-12
CS390 Mailbox RICOH-13 NIC Fax Unit Type 410 RICOH-13
Data Overwrite Security Unit Type A and B(sm) RICOH-16 NIC Fax Unit Type 410 EU/ASIA RICOH-13
Desk Top Binder V2 Lite RICOH-12 NIC Fax Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Desk Top Binder V2 Professional RICOH-12 Original Tray Type G RICOH-12
DF Type 30(sm) RICOH-15 Paper Bank Type 7100 (Large Capacity Tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
DF Unit Type 85(sm,pc) RICOH-15 Paper Cassette Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
DF71 ARDF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 1000(sm,pc) RICOH-19
DF72 ADF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 180 RICOH-12
DF73 Document Feeder(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 2600 RICOH-13
DF74 Document Feeder RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 3800C (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
DF77 Document Feeder(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 3800C (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
DF78 ADF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 400 RICOH-13
DF79 ARDF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 500 RICOH-12
DS5330 RICOH-7 Paper Feed Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Duplex Unit Type 7000(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 600 RICOH-13
Duplex Unit Type 7100(sm,pc) RICOH-19 Paper Feed Unit Type 7100 (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
Envelope Feeder Type 2600 RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 7100 (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
Envelope Feeder Type 400 RICOH-13 PC Fax Expander Type 190 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 1013 RICOH-13 PC Fax Expander Type 500 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 1018 RICOH-13 PC Interface Kit Type 180 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 2018 RICOH-13 PC-Fax Expander Type 500 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16 PDU Kit Type 210 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 3800C/ISDN Option Type 3800C(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Platen Cover Type 1018 RICOH-13
FAX07 RICOH-9 Platen Cover Type 1018(pc) RICOH-15
FAX10 RICOH-9 Platen Cover Type 3800C(pc) RICOH-16
FAX1000L RICOH-9 PostScript Kit Type 700 RICOH-13
FAX10E(sm) RICOH-17 Printer Controller EB-105 RICOH-12
FAX111 RICOH-9 Printer Controller RW-240(sm,pc) RICOH-19
FAX1120L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 1013 RICOH-13
FAX1160L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 1018 RICOH-13
FAX1400L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 2 018 RICOH-13
FAX1400L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 2018 RICOH-13
FAX15(sm) RICOH-17 Printer Controller Type 650 RICOH-13
FAX170 RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 700 RICOH-13
FAX1700L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX1750MP RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type EB-70 RICOH-13
FAX180 RICOH-9 Printer Controller Types 1055 RICOH-13
FAX1800L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Types 700 RICOH-13
FAX1800L(pc,sb,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Types 700 and 1055 RICOH-13
FAX1900L RICOH-9 Printer Hard Disk Type 450 RICOH-13
FAX1900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Interface Type 500 RICOH-12
FAX20 RICOH-9 Printer Interface Type 510 RICOH-12
FAX200 RICOH-9 Printer Kit Type 1075 RICOH-13
FAX2000L RICOH-9 PRINTER Option Type 650 RICOH-13
FAX2000L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Unit Type 40 RCP40(sm) RICOH-15
FAX2050L RICOH-9 Printer/ Scanner Unit Type 2018 RICOH-13
FAX2050L(pc,sb) RICOH-12 Printer/Scanner Kit Type 1075 RICOH-13
FAX20E(sm) RICOH-17 Printer/Scanner Unit Type 2105 RICOH-12
FAX2100L RICOH-9 Printer/Scanner Unit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX2100L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 PS450 Paper Tray Unit RICOH-13
FAX2100Li RICOH-9 PS460 Paper Tray Unit RICOH-13
FAX2100Li(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 PS470 Large Capacity Tray(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX220 RICOH-9 PS480 Paper Feed Unit RICOH-13
FAX240(RF01/RF02) RICOH-9 PS540 Paper Tray (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX2400L RICOH-9 PS550 Paper Tray (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX25(sm) RICOH-17 PS560 Large Capacity Tray(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX250(RF03) RICOH-9 PT340 One-bin Tray RICOH-13
FAX2500L RICOH-9 PT460 Multi-bin Output Tray(pc) RICOH-16
FAX2600L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045 RICOH-12
FAX2700L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045 RICOH-13
FAX2900L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045(pc) RICOH-16
FAX2900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Punch Kit Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX2900Li(um) RICOH-12 Punch Unit Type 1090 RICOH-12
FAX30(sm) RICOH-17 Punch Unit Type 1090 RICOH-13
FAX3000L RICOH-9 Punch Unit Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX3100L(sm) RICOH-17 Punch Unit Type 850 RICOH-13
FAX3200L RICOH-9 RF800(sm) RICOH-17
FAX3310L(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 RF920(sm) RICOH-17
FAX35(sm) RICOH-17 Roll Feeder Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
FAX3500L RICOH-9 RT37/RT44 Large Capacity Trays RICOH-13
FAX3700L RICOH-9 RT42 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-12
FAX3800L RICOH-9 RT43 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-13
FAX3900L RICOH-9 RT46 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-12
FAX3900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 RW-470 RICOH-12
FAX3900NF RICOH-9 Scan Router Professional RICOH-12
FAX3900NF(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Scan Router V2 Lite RICOH-12
FAX4410L(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 SL310(sm,pc) RICOH-12
FAX4410NF(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 SR730 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX4500L RICOH-9 SR740/SR870 Finishers RICOH-13
FAX4700L RICOH-9 SR750 Booklet Finisher RICOH-13
FAX4800L RICOH-9 SR770 Finisher(pc) RICOH-16
FAX500 RICOH-9 SR770 Finisher/Punch Kit Type 1045(sm) RICOH-16
FAX5000L RICOH-9 SR810 3,000-sheet Finisher RICOH-12
FAX550 RICOH-9 SR810 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX5510L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 SR840 RICOH-12
FAX5510NF(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 SR840 Finisher RICOH-12
FAX5600L RICOH-9 SR840 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX60 RICOH-9 SR85 Booklet Maker RICOH-12
FAX60E(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Booklet Maker RICOH-13
FAX65(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Cover Feeder RICOH-12
FAX680MP RICOH-9 SR85 Cover Feeder RICOH-13
FAX70(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Cover Feeder Service Manual RICOH-13
FAX7000 RICOH-9 SR850/SR860 Finishers RICOH-13
FAX70E(sm) RICOH-17 SR860 RICOH-12
FAX75(sm) RICOH-17 SR860 Booklet Finisher RICOH-12
FAX77 RICOH-9 SR90 Booklet Maker RICOH-12
FAX80 RICOH-9 SR90 Booklet Maker RICOH-13
FAX800 RICOH-9 SR910 Booklet Finisher/Punch Kit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX85 RICOH-9 SR910 Booklet Finisher/Punch Kit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-19
FAX880 RICOH-9 SR920 Two-tray Finisher(pc) RICOH-16
Feature Expansion Board Type 1018 RICOH-13 SR920 Two-tray Finisher/Punch Kit Type 1045(sm) RICOH-16
FT1008 RICOH-3 SS810 RICOH-5
FT1208 RICOH-3 SS830 RICOH-5
FT2010 RICOH-1 SS915 RICOH-5
FT2012 RICOH-2 SS930 RICOH-5
FT2012 RICOH-3 SS935 RICOH-5
FT2012 A183 RICOH-4 SS950 RICOH-5
FT2012+(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 SS955 RICOH-5
FT2050 RICOH-1 Table Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
FT2070 RICOH-1 Tape Marker Type 20(sm,pc) RICOH-15
FT2212 RICOH-3 Tape Marker Type 21(sm) RICOH-15
FT2212 RICOH-2 TR85 Trimmer RICOH-12
FT2212 A184 RICOH-4 TR85 Trimmer RICOH-13
FT2212+(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 TR90 Trimmer RICOH-12
FT2260 RICOH-1 TR90 Trimmer RICOH-13
FT3013 RICOH-2 UNITC400 A133 RICOH-4
FT3013 RICOH-3 UNITC406 A109 RICOH-4
FT3013 A151 RICOH-4 UNITC420 A193 RICOH-4
FT3020 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A166 RICOH-4
FT3050 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A187 RICOH-4
FT3060 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A189 RICOH-4
FT3113 RICOH-1 UNITC606 A172 RICOH-4
FT3213 RICOH-2 UNITC606 A199 RICOH-4
FT3320 RICOH-1 VT1730 RICOH-5
FT3513 RICOH-2 VT1800 RICOH-5
FT3513 RICOH-3 VT2005 RICOH-5
FT3613(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17 VT2100 RICOH-5
FT3713 RICOH-3 VT2105 RICOH-5
FT3713 RICOH-2 VT2130 RICOH-5
FT3813(sm,pc) RICOH-10 VT2150 RICOH-5
FT3813(um) RICOH-17 VT2200 RICOH-5
FT4015 RICOH-3 VT2240 RICOH-5
FT4015 RICOH-2 VT2250 RICOH-5
FT4018 RICOH-3 VT2300 RICOH-5
FT4022 RICOH-3 VT2400 RICOH-5
FT4022 A161 RICOH-4 VT2500 RICOH-5
FT4027 RICOH-3 VT2600 RICOH-5
FT4027 A157 RICOH-4 VT3500 RICOH-5
FT4118(sm,pc) RICOH-17 VT3600 RICOH-5
FT4127 RICOH-3 VT3800 RICOH-5
FT4127 A159 RICOH-4 VT6000 RICOH-5
FT4215 RICOH-2 ZipRip UC5(sm) RICOH-15
FT4215 RICOH-3 ZipRip UC5e(sm) RICOH-15
FT4215 A128 RICOH-4         ZipRip UC6(sm) RICOH-15     

sm service manual in English, smR service manual in Russian, smD service manual in Deutch, sh service handbook in English, tr training manual, rm reference manual, pc part catalogue / parts list in English, cd / sd circuit diagram / schematic diagram, sb service bulletin, drv driver, fw firmware, um user manual English, umR user manual in Russian, ug user / owner guide, inst installation procedure in English.