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LEXMARK service manuals & part lists

LEXMARK-2 - Version 07/2001
LEXMARK-3 - Version 03/2002
Lexmark versions - What's New
Model CD Model CD
2380 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Medley(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2380 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra C(pc) LEXMARK-1
2380(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra C(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2380(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra C(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2381 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra C710(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2381 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra C710(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2381(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra Color 1200(pc) LEXMARK-1
2381(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra Color 1200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2390 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra Color 1200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2390 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra Color 40(pc) LEXMARK-1
2390(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra Color 40(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2390(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra Color 40(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2391 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra Color 45(pc) LEXMARK-1
2391 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra Color 45(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2391(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra Color 45(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2391(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra E(pc) LEXMARK-1
23XX Series(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra E(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
23XX Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra E(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
23XX Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra E310(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2400 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra E310(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2400 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra E312(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2480(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra E312(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2480(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra E312L(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2481(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra K(pc) LEXMARK-1
2481(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra K(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2490(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra K(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2490(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra M410(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
2491(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra M410(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
2491(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra M412(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
4226(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra M412(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
4226(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra N Finisher Option(pc) LEXMARK-1
4226(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra N Finisher Option(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
4227(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra N Finisher Option(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
4227-100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra N(pc) LEXMARK-1
4227-100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra N(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
4227-200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra N(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
4227-200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra S(pc) LEXMARK-1
4227-X00(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra S(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
4227-X00(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra S(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
C750(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra SC(pc) LEXMARK-1
C910(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra SC(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 1000(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra SC(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 1000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra T(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 1000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra T(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 1020(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra W810(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 1020(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra W810(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 1020(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Optra(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 1100(pc) LEXMARK-1 Optra(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 1100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Optra(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 1100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 OptraImage 725(pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 2030(pc) LEXMARK-1 Personal Pageprinter(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2030(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Personal Wheelwriter & Wheelwriter 2(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2030(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Photo Jetprinter 5770(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 2050(pc) LEXMARK-1 Photo Jetprinter 5770(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 2050(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Photo Jetprinter P122(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 2050(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Photo Jetprinter P122(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 2055(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Proprinter 24P(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2055(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Proprinter I Xl(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2070(pc) LEXMARK-1 Proprinter I(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2070(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Proprinter II Xl(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 2070(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Proprinter II(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 3000(pc) LEXMARK-1 Proprinter III Xl(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 3000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Proprinter III(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 3000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Proprinter X24(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 3200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Proprinter X24E(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 3200(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Proprinter Xl24(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 4079 Plus(pc) LEXMARK-1 Proprinter Xl24E(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 4079 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 PS/1(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 4079 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 PS/1(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 5000(pc) LEXMARK-1 PS-1(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 5000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Quickwriter Printer(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 5000(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Quietwriter III(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 5700(pc) LEXMARK-1 Quietwriter Printer(pc) LEXMARK-1
Color Jetprinter 5700(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T520(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 5700(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T520(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 7000 Series(pc) LEXMARK-1 T520n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 7000 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T520n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 7000 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T522(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 7200 Series(pc) LEXMARK-1 T522(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter 7200 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T522n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter 7200 Series(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T522n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter Z31(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T52X(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter Z31(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T52X(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Jetprinter Z51(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T620(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Jetprinter Z51(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T620(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Color Laser Printer C720(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T620n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Color Laser Printer C720(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T620n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
E210(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 T622(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
E210(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T622(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
E320(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T622n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
E322(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T622n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
E322n(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T62X(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
E32x(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 T62X(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
ExecJet II and IIc(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Valuewriter 300(pc) LEXMARK-1
ExecJet II and IIc(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Valuewriter 600(pc) LEXMARK-1
ExecJet II-IIC(pc) LEXMARK-1 W820 Finisher(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
ExecJet(pc) LEXMARK-1 W820 Finisher(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Forms Printer 2380 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 W820 Options(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Forms Printer 2380 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 W820(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Forms Printer 2381 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Wheelwriter Series II(pc) LEXMARK-1
Forms Printer 2381 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 WinWriter 100(pc) LEXMARK-1
Forms Printer 2390 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 WinWriter 100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Forms Printer 2390 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 WinWriter 100(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Forms Printer 2391 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 WinWriter 150c(pc) LEXMARK-1
Forms Printer 2391 Plus(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 WinWriter 150c(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
IJ PRINTER(pc) LEXMARK-1 WinWriter 150c(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
J110(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 Winwriter 200(pc) LEXMARK-1
J110(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 Winwriter 400(pc) LEXMARK-1
Lan Connection(pc) LEXMARK-1 Winwriter 600(pc) LEXMARK-1
LaserPrinter 4019(pc) LEXMARK-1 X4500(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
LaserPrinter 4029(pc) LEXMARK-1 X63 All-In-One(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
LaserPrinter 4039(pc) LEXMARK-1 X73 All-In-One(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
LaserPrinter 4039(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2 X73 All-In-One(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
LaserPrinter 4039(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3 X7500(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Marknet Xle(pc) LEXMARK-1 X83 All-In-One(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2
Medley(pc) LEXMARK-1 X83 All-In-One(sm,pc) LEXMARK-3
Medley(sm,pc) LEXMARK-2    

sm service manual in English, smR service manual in Russian, smD service manual in Deutch, sh service handbook in English, tr training manual, rm reference manual, pc part catalogue / parts list in English, cd / sd circuit diagram / schematic diagram, sb service bulletin, drv driver, fw firmware, um user manual English, umR user manual in Russian, ug user / owner guide, inst installation procedure in English.