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DUPLO service, user manuals, parts lists and other

DP-2030(sm,pc,um) 433PB Guillotine(um) DSF-2000(sm,pc,um)
DP-2050(pc,sm) A4 Drum(um) EZ Book(sm,pc,um)
DP-21L(sm,pc,um) AF-100(sm,pc,um) LU-HM(im)
DP-21S(sm,pc,um) ASTRO CD 100(pc) MD-100(sm,pc,um)
DP-22L(sm,pc,um) ASTRO CD 300(pc) MD-150(sm,pc,um)
DP-22S(sm,pc,um) D-580(sm,pc,um) MD-300(sm,pc,um)
DP-23 SERIES(help) D-590(sm,pc,um) MD-350(sm,pc,um)
DP-23S(sm,pc,um) DB-250(sm,pc,um) MD-410(sm,pc,um)
DP-24S(sm,pc,um) DBM-100(sm,pc,um) MD-430(pc,sm)
DP-3080(sm,pc,um) DBM-100T(sm,pc,um) MD-IN3(sm,pc,um)
DP-3085(sm) DBM-120 Sheet by Sheet(sm,pc,um) NB-100(pc,sm)
DP-3090(sm,pc,um) DBM-120(sm,pc,um) NB-180E(pc)
DP-3100(sm,pc,um) DBM-120T(sm,pc,um) NB-200(pc,sm)
DP-3150(um) DBM-80H(sm,pc,um) NB-510(sm,pc,um)
DP-31E(sm,pc,um) DBM-80HT(um) NB-520(sm,pc,um)
DP-31S(sm,pc,um) DBM-80X(sm,pc,um) NB-530(pc,um)
DP-330(pc,sm) DBM-80XT(um) NB-540(pc,um)
DP-3300(sm,pc,um) DC-10Bmini(um) NB-80E(pc,um)
DP-330L(pc,sm) DC-10mini(sm,pc,um) NB-90(sm,pc,um)
DP-3350(um) DC-10NP(pc) PC INTERFACE KIT II(um)
DP-33E(sm,pc,um) DC-24ST(sm,pc,um) PC INTERFACE KIT(um)
DP-33S(sm,pc,um) DC-535(sm,pc,um) PROGRAMATIC MARK - II(um)
DP-340(pc,sm) DC-545(sm,pc,um) S1-ADF(pc,um)
DP-4030(sm,pc,um) DC-545HC(sm) S2-ADF(pc,sm)
DP-4035(um) DC-6D(sm,pc,um) S-5110(sm,pc,um)
DP-43 SERIES(help) DC-6mini(sm,pc,um) S-5130(sm,pc,um)
DP-430(pc,sm) DC-6N(pc) S-675V(sm)
DP-43E(sm,pc,um) DC-8D(sm,pc,um) S-775V(sm)
DP-43S(sm,pc,um) DC-8mini(sm,pc,um) S-875V(sm)
DP-43SF(um) DC-8N(pc) TR-1B(um)
DP-43SH(sm,pc,um) DC-Micro8 / TC-800(sm,pc,um) V-130(pc,um)
DP-440 SERIES(help) DC-S4(sm,pc,um) V-170(pc)
DP-440(pc,sm) DF-505(sm,pc,um) V-310(pc,um)
DP-460(pc,sm) DF-505N(pc,um) V-350(pc,um)
DP-63P(sm,um) DF-510(pc,sm) V-415(sm,pc,um)
DP-63S(sm,um) DF-520(sm,pc,um) V-570(sm,pc,um)
DP-63SH(pc) DF-520N(pc,um) V-580(sm,pc,um)
  DFC-10(sm,pc,um) V-707(pc)
  DFC-10B(sm,pc,um) V-730(pc,um)
                                                    DFC-12(sm,pc,um) V-740(pc,um)
  DFC-12B(sm,pc,um) V-750(pc,um)
  DS-412.2(pc) V-760(sm,pc,um)

sm service manual in English, smR service manual in Russian, smD service manual in Deutch, sh service handbook in English, tr training manual, rm reference manual, pc part catalogue / parts list in English, cd / sd circuit diagram / schematic diagram, sb service bulletin, drv driver, fw firmware, um user manual English, umR user manual in Russian, ug user / owner guide, inst installation procedure in English.